“In the early 1800s, in Puntalazzo, in the county of Mascali, more precisely on a hill behind the town called “o munti”, the inhabitants built a great Mill, that was, at the same time, workplace , meeting point ,place of recreation and therefore , elected as a symbol of Puntalazzo and its people.”

La pietra antica O' munti - Esterni (3)Fallen in love with our land, its history and its people, its aromas and its flavors, we have wanted to revive the old millstone, situated between Etna (UNESCO’s heritage) volcano and Taormina, transforming it into “La pietra antica O’ munti”, a rural holiday farm, to pick up the old traditions in renewed environments, respecting thoroughly the historical structure, developing indoor and external spaces where we welcome our guests, lovers of rural tourism and tranquility, of nature, of Sicilia’s panoramas and authentic flavors.

Furthermore, we are rich in the most ancient tradition of hospitality. At La pietra antica O’ munti, we will welcome you like a family.

You can visit the farm, walking through the pathways inside the very green estate, 4000 square metres, of La Pietra antica O’ Munti and, from the panoramic restaurant terraces, the gardens and the beautiful pool terrace, you can enjoy the landscape where you can see the sea of Taormina and Nebrodi Mountains, up to to the coast of Calabria and, again, the coast of Augusta.

La pietra antica O’ munti, demonstrates a keen sensitivity towards clean energy, in fact we have installed solar panels.

For those who want an original and peaceful place to organize a corporate meeting, a showroom and so on, we also have a meeting room that can be equipped.

The restaurant is available for breakfast, buffet, lunch and dinner.

La pietra antica O' munti - Esterni (2)


Millstone of Nineteenth century, gardens and terraces, 4000 sqm Park, meeting room, terraces with panoramic view, solarium and parking.