La pietra antica O' munti - EsterniOur adventure started almost accidentally, when Alfio, a native of Puntalazzo but resident in Milano for many years, received a proposal to buy an old millstone that had fallen into ruin a long time ago.

His love for Sicily, his desire to accomplish his longstanding dream, a little carefree spirit and enthusiasm, transformed a dilapidated building into the rural homestay “La pietra Antica O’ munti”.

Right here, between lava stone walls and floors, in the presence of the massive ancient press, old aromas and flavors stay alive thanks to the commitment and genuineness of insiders, who know How to manage things masterfully.

None of us ever received professional education in this field, but each one has his history and his experience passed down by very special teachers such as mother and grandmother.

That is Agata’s secret. She is the chef who will delight you with her quality and simple dishes.

That is Nunzia’s secret, making you feel at home, and upon request, she will give you all the necessary information to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

The same goes for Rosario and ‘Nzina, who will work to make your stay just as you desire it.

Walking around the vegetable garden and in the orchard, you will appreciate the wise work of Giampiero and Rosario, who jealously take care of the fruits, vegetables and flowers of du’ Munti.

So this is our team. Welcome to La Pietra Antica O’ Munti!